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Our migration stories: Highview School

27 Feb

The Guardian newspaper has recently put out a call for migrants to send in stories of their experiences of immigration. 

The call says: “There is much written – and discussed – in the UK about immigration and with an election this year the issue will be in even sharper focus. The voices of immigrants themselves, however, are very rarely heard. The Guardian would like to find out what it’s like for immigrants living in the UK, whether you’ve lived here for several decades or arrived only last week.”

Students in our class at Highview school wrote about their experiences:IMG_0918

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Forum roleplays and ESOL workshop

20 Feb

This week we ran a Forum theatre half-term course for ESOL learners in Battersea at the Katherine Lowe Settlement. In Forum Theatre you get to roleplay difficult situations and experiment with different ways to handle them. Roleplays are very useful when you’re learning a language because they’re about as near as you can get (in the safety of the classroom) to using language in a real-life setting. But we were excited to see how our participants would get on with the more political dimension that Forum Theatre brings, where you’re deliberately practising intervening on injustice.

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Wandsworth Awards Ceremony

18 Oct

On Thursday 10th October English for Action took part in the adult learning annual celebration at Wandsworth Town Hall. Seven EFA students attended along with their teacher, Dermot. The students received certificates from Wandsworth Council for their success in the last academic year. It was a very pleasant evening with food and drink, delicious fruit and lots of happy people receiving their certificates. Well done to those who attended, despite the appalling weather and slightly awkward time (children’s bedtime!). It was nice to visit Wandsworth Town hall in celebratory mood!Image

Start of the new term

3 Sep

We are starting ESOl classes again at St Mary’s in Battersea at 9am