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More Games: Grasping Vocab & Zombie

18 Nov

Grasping Vocab

This is a fun, energising game for testing vocab groups (you could use it to recap vocab learnt last week or during the lesson).

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The Hat Game

18 Nov

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25 Oct

Welcome to the games page. Please post your classroom games here.

Chair game:

1. Make a circle of chairs with one fewer chair than particpants. ie. if you;ve got 13 playing you need 12 chairs!

2. One person stands in the middle and everyone else sits on a chair facing the person in the middle

3. The person in the middle says “change chairs if………” eg. “change chairs if you live in Wandsworth”.

4. The person in the middle sits in a newly vacated chair (irrespective of their answer)

5. The slowest person will end up in the middle and must do a new “change chairs if……”.

Hours of fun!!