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Action in the ESOL classroom

8 Feb

What does it mean to take action with students? How can we make sure actions are led by learners not by teachers? How can we discuss and plan action in the ESOL classroom without imposing on students who just want to learn English? This January, English for Action staff and volunteers met up to explore these questions and share our skills, tools and ideas.

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Success – Housing Action!

11 Sep

Elena* has borne some of the brunt of the housing crisis in London, along with many other students at EFA. Her, her husband and their three children were living in one small bedroom in a shared house with 13 others. The house had been flooded for a week and the landlord was not responding to Elena’s call for repairs.

The children were too scared to use the communal bathroom and kitchen because other tenants would shout and intimidate them. Anti-social shift patterns meant that there was constant noise in the house.overcrowded Housing

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Our migration stories: Highview School

27 Feb

The Guardian newspaper has recently put out a call for migrants to send in stories of their experiences of immigration. 

The call says: “There is much written – and discussed – in the UK about immigration and with an election this year the issue will be in even sharper focus. The voices of immigrants themselves, however, are very rarely heard. The Guardian would like to find out what it’s like for immigrants living in the UK, whether you’ve lived here for several decades or arrived only last week.”

Students in our class at Highview school wrote about their experiences:IMG_0918

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Forum roleplays and ESOL workshop

20 Feb

This week we ran a Forum theatre half-term course for ESOL learners in Battersea at the Katherine Lowe Settlement. In Forum Theatre you get to roleplay difficult situations and experiment with different ways to handle them. Roleplays are very useful when you’re learning a language because they’re about as near as you can get (in the safety of the classroom) to using language in a real-life setting. But we were excited to see how our participants would get on with the more political dimension that Forum Theatre brings, where you’re deliberately practising intervening on injustice.

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Next steps

12 Nov

Next steps

We discussed a reaction to our letter from the Department of Work and Pensions

Notre Dame girls on school in the UK

18 Oct

Some of the girls at Notre Dame School are preparing a presentation for the parents. Here are some of the things they want to talk about.

Things to know about

  • Holidays
  • After school clubs
  • Free activities
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Parents’ evenings
  • Foreign languages and early GCSE in native languages
  • Translation is available so that children do not have to translate for parents
  • School timetable


Some important differences

  • There is more of an emphasis on practical learning and less on rote learning. This might make parents think that schools in the UK are not as good as abroad and that children are less advanced, but it is just another way of teaching and learning.
  • There is less pressure on children in UK schools. This is good and bad. Children have more time to do homework and have more time to sleep!
  • There are differences in punishments and responsibilities
  • There is not enough reading aloud in UK schools
  • There are more prizes, rewards, merits etc. in UK schools


Tips for parents:

  • Test your children to help them revise
  • Make little revision booklets with important information
  • Record information
  • Make songs to help remember information
  • Classic music helps concentration!

Read all about it!

27 Sep

Last term the ESOL students at our St Bernadette class wrote an article for The Crier newsletter. It’s called “ST BERNADETTE’S CATHOLIC JUNIOR SCHOOL OPENS IT’S DOORS FOR PARENTS LEARNING ENGLISH.” Click here to read the article in full. Well done to everyone involved!