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ESOL and Forum Theatre Roleplays: take 2

9 Jun

In the Easter holidays we ran our second ‘forum theatre for ESOL’ course at the Katherine Lowe centre. The course involved two days of games, discussion and devising which culminated in performances for the group. After these performances, the ESOL-learner audience revisited scenes depicted and tried out interventions to improve the outcomes.

Our groups came up with scenes which touched upon the following difficulties

– sexist street harassment

– confrontations on a bus

– being laughed at for a lack of English

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8 Apr

Language is intensely political. The powers that be, from Catalonia to Khartoum, have a vested interest in what language their subjects speak. Throughout history people have resisted and fought for the right to speak their “mother tongue”. In Britain today establishment attitudes towards the UK’s linguistic diversity can be best characterized as grudging acceptance. According to recent research carried out by Dina Mehmedbegovic,  MPs from both sides of the house stress that languages other than English (and perhaps Welsh) belong “at home”.

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Quizzical about Cuisenaire

4 Nov

Last week at St. Mary’s we had a go at using Cuisenaire rods to build on existing vocabulary about food in English. Cuisenaire rods are small wooden blocks of varying colours and lengths, often used for maths, so that children can visualise sums and equations – they’re also really useful in language learning for the same reason.
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Volunteering with English for Action – Discovering Participatory Learning

1 Nov

Volunteering with English for Action took my focus from the textbook, into the hands of the learner.

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Wandsworth Awards Ceremony

18 Oct

On Thursday 10th October English for Action took part in the adult learning annual celebration at Wandsworth Town Hall. Seven EFA students attended along with their teacher, Dermot. The students received certificates from Wandsworth Council for their success in the last academic year. It was a very pleasant evening with food and drink, delicious fruit and lots of happy people receiving their certificates. Well done to those who attended, despite the appalling weather and slightly awkward time (children’s bedtime!). It was nice to visit Wandsworth Town hall in celebratory mood!Image

Start of the new term

3 Sep

We are starting ESOl classes again at St Mary’s in Battersea at 9am