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ESOL and Forum Theatre Roleplays: take 2

9 Jun

In the Easter holidays we ran our second ‘forum theatre for ESOL’ course at the Katherine Lowe centre. The course involved two days of games, discussion and devising which culminated in performances for the group. After these performances, the ESOL-learner audience revisited scenes depicted and tried out interventions to improve the outcomes.

Our groups came up with scenes which touched upon the following difficulties

– sexist street harassment

– confrontations on a bus

– being laughed at for a lack of English

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More Games: Grasping Vocab & Zombie

18 Nov

Grasping Vocab

This is a fun, energising game for testing vocab groups (you could use it to recap vocab learnt last week or during the lesson).

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The Hat Game

18 Nov

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Note for St. Andrew’s class

18 Oct

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