English For Action (EFA London) provides English Language courses for communities across London. We are a registered charity (no. 1133268) established in November 2009. We have over a hundred participants across four London boroughs.

What we do

English for Action provides practical community-based English classes to students of all levels, ages and nationalities in London. The classes are entirely flexible and cater for the specific needs of each group. The classes cover more than English language; they offer training and advice relating to jobs and everyday difficulties faced by members of London’s non-English speaking community. Interview practice, how to fill in application forms and employment rights are examples of ideas that have proved popular.

We believe that better language skills will enable many migrants to put more into, and get more out of, life in London. They will be better equipped to affect positive changes in their homes, communities and workplaces.


English for Action was launched in 2006. The first lesson took place at the London School of Economics on September 28th to students from the London Citizens Workers Association. The project was inspired by a similar scheme piloted by Camille Makunganya and London CITIZENS in 2005, who successfully taught English in Deptford to members of Our Lady’s Church. UnLtd and London CITIZENS began to support the project in September 2006 and without their help, both financial and otherwise, the project would not be possible.

Our Mission

We want all people in London to have equal opportunity to access and use services and networks to improve their lives.

Our mission is to give people the language, knowledge and networks to change their lives and communities for the better.


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