Participatory Pedagogy Teachers

“A Strike Day to Beat All Strike Days”: Analysing recent labour strikes in the ESOL classroom

By Anne McConnell, EFA Teacher-Organiser + Lambeth hub lead

“A Strike Day to Beat All Strike Days” – This little article appeared in the free London METRO newspaper on Monday, 30 January.

The closer look at the current strike action that we took during a recent ESOL class was sparked by one student asking, “Why are teachers in our school on strike next week? What is going on?”

In our EFA classes, we want to understand better what is going on outside the classroom.  Students from one mid-Entry (Level E2/E3) and one more advanced L1 class read and reflected on this article.

I challenged classes to listen to the news this week, about the strike action, and to listen out for the words we looked at in class. The conversation about strike action built on the previous weeks’ topic, “How are you and people in the UK responding to the cost-of-living crisis?”

As part of those sessions, students talked about the need to save in response to the rise in everyday costs:

Students came back with these great sentences from homework:

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