Boris Johnson: “Everyone in London should be able to speak English”

9 Jan

On Tuesday Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, made the following statements about migrants learning English:

“Everybody in London, everybody who comes to work in our economy, should be able to speak English.”

“I’m amazed by reports that people cannot make themselves understood in English in this country to people working in the NHS. That is completely wrong,”

“We went through a long period in Britain of having kind of multi-culti Balkanisation of society. We thought it was a very good idea to teach kids in their own language in primary school classes. It’s a disastrous approach. They should be learning in English.”

He described as “complete nonsense” that official documents in Britain should be translated into many languages.

Urging people with “rusty” English to take a course to improve their speaking skills, he stressed it is not a difficult language, with many short words and simple grammar.

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