Towards a citizens’ curriculum – Chisenhale launch

17 Nov

We kicked off the “Towards a Citizens Curriculum” on November 10th at Chisenhale Primary School. Everyone is very excited to be involved in a research project and particularly interested in the theme: money. In an initial discussion students wrote down their thoughts about the 3 overarching project themes: learning, money and community. These thoughts showed they were committed to learning , felt part of the local community and had some awareness of money management. The students completed questionnaires both individually and in a participatory way by sticking their names on a spectrum line.

The project will take place over six weeks. It will combine ESOL with financial, digital and civic capability. The group (15 people) is an ESOL class for parents and carers at Chisenhale Primary School in Tower Hamlets. The first two or three lessons will be open and exploratory. The teacher will then identify a theme of particular interest for deeper critical exploration. Towards the end of the project we will ask the question “what can we do?” and seek to take action for positive change around the theme.


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