Participatory ESOL: a growing movement

21 Jul

EFA London’s Participatory ESOL approach takes centre stage in a newly published book from the British Council ESOL Nexus: “Language issues in migration and integration: perspectives from teachers and learners”

Congratulations to EFA London teachers Dermot Bryers and Becky Winstanley, along with research parter Melanie Cooke, who co-authored the first three chapters in this publication. Their research builds on Becky and Dermot’s work at the REFLECT ESOL project and the continued exploration of this approach in EFA classes across London.   

Read the book here: “Language issues in migration and integration: perspectives from teachers and learners”

For those interested in finding out more about participatory ESOL the first chapter of this publication is particularly useful. It describes the background to participatory pedagogy and outlines the key components of participatory teaching. Across the next two chapters, there is more detailed exploration of tools that can be used in the ESOL classroom to facilitate meaningful discussion, reflection and self-expression. 

It’s exciting that the British Council is supporting the growing participatory ESOL movement. We look forward to our forthcoming participatory ESOL workshops day in October (more details coming soon) where interested practitioners will be able to share their methods and further develop the participatory ESOL community.

Thanks to our funders Esmee Fairbairn for supporting us to share our good practice.




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