Sunday roast on a Friday!

10 Feb

Do you have a Sunday roast every week? Well, do you?! And just why is this traditional British meal so special?

Led by three student dinner co-ordinators, tasks including budgeting, shopping and entertainment were delegated. Then students from Halstow and Invicta took this question outside of the classroom and set to tackle it head on together one Friday morning in a local church hall. Here are the results:

All hands on board for the peeling!

All hands on board for the peeling!

It wasn’t all hard work though. Our in-house entertainer got all us all playing and laughing with a series of games…

The 'crown' game - what is that word on my crown?

The ‘crown’ game – what is that word on my crown?

We all had a go!

We all had a go!

Back in the kitchen things were looking good…ready to serve 1

..actually looking very good!

..actually looking very good!

Finally we all sat down together for our Friday roast:seated and ready to eat jpgenjoying roast

So was the roast special? Yes, of course! Planning, preparing, cooking and eating together proved a great experience.  Even our three guests agreed.

Back in the classroom we conducted our  own student led evaluation.  Here are the key findings:

Atmosphere and People Involvement

–          How did you feel when you first came in? – Happy, excited, curious

–          Did you enjoy cooking together? – Yes

–          Did you enjoy playing games? – Yes

–          How did you feel about sitting together with other people? – Absolutely fine.

–          Did you feel included? – Everyone who desired to take a part in the process could find their role.

–          Were you comfortable sharing ideas? –Yes

–          Will you come next time? – Vast majority said “Yes”

Food and Drink

–          What items of the menu surprised you? –  Gravy, parsnip (in a good sense!)

Organisation and Time

–          Imagine you are a member of the committee mentioned above, what  should you be aware of next time? – We need more knives and peelers and It would be lovely to put flowers in the shopping list. 

Finance  ( We all paid £5 to cover the venue costs & food)

–          Was it clear where the money has gone?  – Yes


We also agreed to have our next cooking event (Italian day) in March

A lovely way to spend a Friday morning! We recommend you have a go too!


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