Training: The Power of Discussion

20 Jan


What changed for you?

“I learned I still have room for improvement in terms of inclusive communication and listening more”

“I’m more likely to attempt discussions in class (which I found daunting before) I now have a clearer understanding of the purpose of discussion and the kinds of strategies I could employ”

“My confidence has grown and I found meeting other more experienced teachers extremely useful”

“I am more conscious of techniques and tools. The exercise building from skills to realisations to activities was very useful.”

“I will trust my students to cope with discussion and not feel scared of silences. It’s not weird.”

“To slow down. To listen more in class.”

“I feel more confident with the idea of facilitating discussions in the classroom.”

“I feel more equipt to deal with sensitive or personal discussion topics. I now hope to be able to use real, engaging topics that learners feel passionate about, rather than sticking to the sanitised ones.”

“I think I will be more confident to discuss meta-skills with my groups. I’m going to try again to get some deep discussions going and not just safe topics but I want to do this simultaneously with building group ownership and responsibility and discourse skills”

“During and after the training I am beginning to realise and understand the professionalism and challenges  involved in teaching ESOL”

Please add you comments below if you have any more……


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