Local living history! Out about about in Woolwich

23 Dec

In December, students from Greenwich went on a fact finding mission to the Greenwich Heritage Centre in Woolwich to learn more their local history. Here are some of their findings:

” Some of us thought we knew quite a lot about Woolwich! The ferry, the market, the barracks. That’s why it was so nice to discover the new place that provided us with amazing historic facts about everyday life in days gone by. We would highly recommend going and having a look at this local gem!”

“We recently discovered a hidden treasure in Woolwich! It’s the local museum called the Greenwich Heritage Centre. Woolwich used to be a place of significant importance during WW1 & WW2. The economy was once thriving with ship building and gun manufacturing. Life inside the factories was absolutely unsustainable because of the dangerous machinery workers had to handle without any protection. Women especially were victims of the harsh conditions.”

Nowadays part of the Woolwich heritage is saved in a world renowned football team, Arsenal FC, which started in Woolwich.”

So, get down to the Greenwich Heritage Centre! You never know what you might find out!Getting the answers!Then it was time for refreshments over in the cafe at the Firepower Museum!BbIwxggIUAE_zb1


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