REFLECT Training

25 May

Does Reflect promote cultural integration more or mess than other/more traditional teaching methods?

As a bright-eyed newly qualified CELTA teacher full of EFL knowledge, how can I make the shift to ESOL and help my project shape its teaching/learning? Particularly need help with critical evaluation – resources, training, websites, reading (I am very-learner centred and the context is too teacher-centred)

How oculd we use these tools with Maths?

Is it ok yo have any agenda for language/grammar in a lesson/course? Is it useful? How is it possible in Reflect?

How far can/should a political agenda on the part of the teacher come through? (Even in terms of questions we ask, how we guide group conversation….?)

Does Reflect ESOL ever place emphasis on grammar and pronunciation?

How do I incorporate structure when I use the reflect method? (Is it good to have structure?)

Do students respond better when using reflect?

What can we do to challenge learners’ resistance to the methodology?

Can the reflect approach help learners pass ESOL exams?

How to make the teaching content be relevant with the students’ daily life?

How to motivate the students to interact in the class?

Has there been any evaluation of the success or results of Reflect (from a student’s perspective)?

How long has Reflect been running for?

How successfully can one incorporate Reflect into schemesof work? – Veering off into using Reflect with/for differntiation and coursebooks (skills for life, cutting edge)

Can a teacher realisiticall use and confidently teach Reflect (according to methodology and aims) after a 5-hour training session?

How would you negotiate a situation where your students are particularly shy aboàut revealing how they are affected by the symbolic meaning you are trying to draw on?

What does Reflect draw from Pedagogy of the Oppressed? How does this translate to Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed?

What role does the teacher/student dynamic play in empowering students to think and act for themselves?

What can Reflect offer to the governments functional skills drive in literacy?

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