3 hours, 5 minutes, 17 seconds

12 Apr

So I didn’t quite make three hours, but I’ve got some excuses:

1- It was hot

2- They kept making us run up and down in to these tunnels by the Seine (of Diana Spencer fame)

3- No hydration gels. Everywhere I looked people were carrying four, five, six tubes of energy gel. Did they know something I didn’t?

4- My legs were hurting from all the sightseeing

5- It was hard work

That’ll do.

Everthing was going well until about 28ks. Then it got difficult. I attached myself to a guy running with a three hour flag for the next 5ks and then my legs stopped working. From 33k-38k I struggled on, losing 45 seconds a kilometre as people streamed past me. I picked it up a bit for the final 4 kilometres and I don’t think I could have managed another kilometre.

Yesterday I hobbled around Paris trying to avoid steps if at all possible.

Most importantly, thank you so much to everyone who donated so generously. The response was incredible. We have raised £2424.50 and counting.


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