Running in the lunch hour (or two)

30 Mar

I managed a testing run yesterday and I’m now feeling confident that I can get there on 10th April.

I decided to do 2/3 of the distance in 2/3 of the time. That’s 17.5 miles in 2 hours. I shaved off a minute but I wouldn’t have wanted to do another 8 miles……I finished thinking that I could make the three hour target but it’s going to hurt. A lot.

I’m counting on the adrenalin, the crowds and a restful day before to drag me through.

So, I’m going to do three or four more runs before next Sunday.

1- 1 hour tempo run on Thursday (and football)

2- 13 miles in 90 minutes on Sunday at Tooting Athletics Track

3- 8 mile tempo run on Wednesday next week.

Then  it’s be a strict regime of over-eating and not moving – in preparation for the months after the marathon.

It’s been a quiet couple of days on the fundraising front. Keep giving please. All donations are received with delight.


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