Friday night

20 Mar

I had not run enough last week – just one run on Thursday – so on Friday night, when every sane person was either in the pub or tucking into a nice meal, I put on my trainers and dragged myself around the streets of East London. I did a 9 mile loop around Hackney, Leyton, Clapton Dalston and home (Bethnal Green) as a tempo run (10 minutes slow, 10 minutes fast etc.) and it took just over an hour.

After a rest day yesterday, I’m heading off for the weekly long run (21 miles this week) in a couple of hours. In the meantime, Liverpool are going to beat Sunderland and I’m going to find a pub somewhere to watch it (and not drink beer).

We’re up to £525 on Just Giving now. Thanks so much everyone. And thanks to Tom Makin for updating our website. Have a look…..


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